When it comes to cost, composite roofing prices are pretty low. Learn more about composite roofs.

Composite roofing prices make you go "wow." Roof done with CertainTeed XT30. Roofing prices can be a sore point with homeowners, leading to careful scrutiny of each material until they find the kind that best fits their needs and budgets. Composite roofing prices have many homeowners cheering, though they may not to be best option for everyone.


A popular option in residential roofing is the composite roof, made up of durable asphalt composition shingles. By looking at factors beyond roofing cost, homeowners can make more informed decisions about what's best for their roofing needs.

Easy to install and relatively durable, composite roofing has become one of the most popular roofing materials on the market. Composite roofing is available in two varieties: organic and fiberglass, and it can last over two decades with regular maintenance. Many manufacturers of composite shingles offer class A fire protection on their materials.

shingle roofIn addition to these wonderful perks, the initial cost of the shingles is less than most materials, and because the shingles are so commonly used, finding a quality roofing professional to install them should be a breeze.

The low price of composite roofing is certainly a plus, though cheap materials do have drawbacks. Asphalt shingles can be damaged by thermal shock, as sudden shifts in temperature can lead to warping and other serious damage to the materials. This limitation should be taken seriously.

Composite roofing should only be used in moderate climates to avoid the high costs that come along with this type of roof repair. In fact, asphalt composition shingles have a much longer lifespan in cooler climates, making them affordable and lasting in certain parts of the country while they're practically useless in others.

Homeowners looking for multiple style options are in luck with composite roofing, as it comes in a wide selection of looks. The slew of colors and types these shingles come in make them popular choices for those seeking a clean look at an affordable price.

Composite roofing materials can also come with a roofing warranty of up to five decades, making them worth their weight in gold for some homeowners. This warranty can be helpful in reducing expenses that may occur due to damaged or poorly installed shingles.

While the basic protection of asphalt shingles has a bad reputation, homeowners can invest in thicker, heavier composite shingles for their roofing projects. These shingles are more durably made and have a much longer lifespan than typical shingles. Their heavy, dense construction makes them essential in preventing weather damage.


For the right home and climate, composite roofing can be the perfect roofing solution. As with any home improvement project, QualitySmith suggests that homeowners get roofing estimates from several qualified roofing professionals. This extra bit of work can pay off for homeowners, potentially scoring them deals on composite roofing prices.