Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to install your aluminum roof, it is good to know the steps. Read on to increase your knowledge.

An aluminum roof by tombothetominator on Flickr. To install an aluminum roof is not a difficult process. While most homeowners will pay for installation rather than take the DIY route, it's still useful to know the installation process.

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Aluminum residential roofing is a strong and durable roofing material that provides protection from driving rain and snow, preventing the buildup of moisture in the wood structure of the roof and your attic.

Before a homeowner can install aluminum roofing, any existing roofing material will likely need removal. This is known as the tear-away phase, as the former roofing material is torn from the roof decking. You can either stop at still usable underlayment or proceeding through the underlayment to the decking itself.

If the underlayment is removed, it must be replaced immediately to provide temporary protection from rain or snow. A roof covered by underlayment alone can withstand normal storms for up to six months depending on the underlayment type used.

After the underlayment is in place, the starter flashing must be placed along the edges of the roof to prevent leakage. Nail the flashing into place both into the roof and into the trim board.

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Counter flashing will need to be installed in areas where the roof meets a vertical brick wall, such as those along an additional residential floor or around the edges of chimneys.

With the flashing in place, the homeowner can begin to install the aluminum roof panels. The panels come in a variety of styles, from seamed panels that dirty water can run down to panels that are shaped and textured to mimic the look of anything from slate tiles to wood shake shingles.

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All types of panels have labeled sections where they are nailed to the roof, and should be placed beginning at the roof edges and working toward the roof peak in rows. Some aluminum roofing types require an additional interlayment material along the top of each row of panels to aid in waterproofing. This should be set into place after finishing one row and before starting on the next.

Roofing prices using aluminum panels vary not only by the panel manufacturer, but also by the cost of labor in the region where the roof is being installed. You can get an idea of the roofing cost by first getting a roofing estimate. You should consult with several professional roofers. The roofing estimate should include:

  • Cost of the new roofing materials.
  • Labor installation fees.
  • The price to remove existing roofing materials.
  • Cost to haul it away.

While aluminum roofing can be obtained with explicit instructions for installation, having it installed by a professional roofer is still the choice of most homeowners. For many products, the roofing warranty requires professional installation to make certain the installation abides by all residential building codes. Professional installation also means your roof is well-set for any future needed roof repair.

In addition, having a professional install an aluminum roof ensures the process is done quickly, and your home will present an attractive look from the curb.