Blackouts are nothing new. In fact, it is proving to be common and dangerous. In our current world, it is difficult to function without electricity. It is almost fatal to go without power supply for days, at least during winter. Generators are the solution to such disasters. Blackouts cost more than just inconveniences such as missing your favorite program. They can cause huge financial losses to individuals and businesses. Therefore, to be on the safe side, install a generator in your work and home place if you have too many electric appliances in use on a daily basis.


The most evident example of the need of a generator comes with the occurrence of the Sandy Hurricane. The hurricane affected homes and businesses, even after its passing, because of the cut power supply.

I cannot think of many devices that do not need electricity of the moment. Take an example in our homes. The food storage in the fridge went bad. We had to throw away food that was budgeted for days. Let us not forget about the warmth that electricity provided in our houses, especially houses that are warmed by electric systems like the radiant floors. This is a small magnitude of what lack of power can do. However, if you look at it in a business perspective, you will realize how vital the supply is.

Take a small food business. They mainly use electricity to cook, light up the dinner, even cash in receipts. When lights are gone for hours, it will cause a drop on sales. If they are out for days, you are literary kicked out of business. It can easily damage the image of an enterprise because of the delays. People can easily get impatient because time is a precious commodity that should be well-spent.

Take yet another example of a cyber café. Even just a minute of electricity loss would set confusion in the place. Customers can easily lose their data when working on the desktop computers. Of course, we connect our machines to an uninterrupted power supply, perhaps this can save you time to save your work. However, it is not sufficient to satisfy a customer. One who is working on a pressing deadline to submit his or her softcopy work to a non-understanding superior. Therefore, for all those who are running a small-scale business firm, a generator is absolutely necessary.


It might seem impractical to install generators in homes. The time, energy and money required to install the device in your backyard seems like too much work. It is on the announcement of a catastrophe or after its occurrence that people invest in a portable generator. Very few would want a generator permanently fixed in their homes. Maybe because they fear that it would create unnecessary costs for a temporary situation. These are all good reasons. However, after a major disaster like Sandy, the investment seems incomparable to the health of people. What should be done is for an individual to purchase a generator that suits their needs.

Generators are necessary. However, its necessity varies with individuals. They come in different power capacity to fit the needs of everyone. There are those which supply electric energy to all the circuits in the house while there are those which can provide to a few chosen. The latter would fit someone who stays alone. However, for someone with a large family, a standby generator would be a better option.

The standby generator is connected to the electric cables of a building. During power breakups, it automatically connects the current to provide the cut electricity. It also disconnects when power returns. They have a long life span just as long as they are properly maintained. They also do not cost much to maintain. Considering the damages that it prevents, it should be a must investment to individuals who cannot function without electricity.