Having energy efficient fireplace option for this winter is the way to go. If you have energy that is sufficient, one can enjoy the glow of fire and warmth without letting the heating power to go up in smoke, thus causing the house unbearable.

A traditional fireplace that burns wood tends to add warmth as well as romantic ambience to the interior of a home. However, the most of this energy are hogs that are used to convert only 15% of wood into useful heat energy. The fortunate thing is that new energy efficient fireplace designs are used in helping the fireplace that use wood to achieve an efficiently rating of more than 75%. To be able to enjoy tis efficiency, one has to avoid using the standard design that sends a lot of the home heated air up in the chimney.  Instead of using the standard designs some of the options that are available are Rumford fireplace, EPA- rated fireplace and fireplace inserts.


Ramford fireplace

The fireplace features a shallow box of design that tends to reflect heat more into the room.  Despite the fact that it has a chimney, it is considered to be energy efficient fireplace since the amount of heat that gets out of the room is small as compared to the one that is trapped in the room.

EPA rated fireplace

These are the kind of fireplace that has excellent performance and efficiency ratings that are high. They are created such that they can pull outdoor combustion of air. At the same time, this fireplace can circulate room air around the firebox so as to be able to extract as much heat as possible to be used in the house. To add on to this, the EPA- approved wood burning fireplace is known to produce air pollution that is less when compared to the standard fireplace.

Fireplace inserts

Fireplace inserts

The model of this type of fireplace is sealed metal boxes. They are designed such that they can fit in any missionary opening of a fireplace. For combustion, this type of fireplace uses outside air and have been designed so as to circulate and warm air that is found inside. The fireplace insert is used to burn biomass fuels of different variety this is inclusive of wood and pallets. There are some units of this type of fireplace that are rated up to 80% efficiency.

As winter is coming, it is time for people to think of option on which they are going to save energy while keeping warm. It does not matter if one has a standard wood burning fireplace, if you find installing the fireplaces mentioned above in your house to be costly, then you can improve the fireplace that you have by installing glass doors.  The glass doors are used to reduce the amount of room air that gets into the fireplace during combustion. The class door also works well when the fire is burning down into the night, at the same time you should always remember to leave the damper open.

Depending on the money that you have, it is time to renovate your traditional fireplace and ensure that it is onto only efficient for this coming winter, but it also saves on energy. Do not be left out and end up spending more just to keep warm, modernised your fireplace and have a winter of both warmth and saving. On the same note, keep the firewood ready and do not what the last minute to get them. The key to being warm is being prepared and not being caught unawares.