A guide to adding windows to your garage remodeling project

Garages are often bleak and dark places where you park your car but spend little time. Adding windows to the garage lets in natural light, and the windows can actually increase the value of your home. Contractors who remodel garage windows can often complete the job quickly, often in as little as a few days, but before you hire someone for the job you should think about your needs.

windows garage

Take a look at your garage and see how much light the area receives. Many garages only have a few windows near the ceiling, and those windows do not allow much light to enter the space. Depending on when you, or a former owner, added the garage, it may not have any windows, or the only windows are those on the garage door. Walk through the garage, taking note of where you need more light. You may desire windows that stream light onto a workspace, or you might prefer multiple windows that flood the garage with light.

The biggest concern you might have with the job is the overall cost. Windows for garages are often quite inexpensive. You might spend around $50 for a plastic or Plexiglas window, while glass windows can start at $100 and rise from there. The size of the window is just as important as its material, as larger windows have a higher cost than smaller ones. Contractors generally charge an installation fee that covers the materials used and the total length of time required to do the job. If the contractor needs to cut through the walls, or install windows in solid walls, the cost of the job will also rise.

windowMany homeowners add windows because they are interested in converting the space. Converted garages are essentially living spaces that add extra floor space to your home. Residential renovations of this type are often more expensive because of the need to add insulation and floor coverings and run electricity and gas to the room. While residential renovations of this type are more expensive, the job adds significant value to your home. You can turn the garage into an extra bedroom, a living room or even a game room. If you want to convert your garage, remodeling the windows is just one step you need to take.

If you want to add a few thousand dollars to the value of your home, consider adding new windows to your garage. People looking to buy a new home want to look at every area of the home, and they want to ensure that every room and space appears light and fresh. Whether you want to add windows to your garage door or walls, you can find the right contractor and get more information with resources from QualitySmith; the best source for contractors to remodel garage windows and get the job done as quickly as you need.