A summary of Andersen Windows A-Series line of premium windows

Replacing your existing windows can increase your home's value as well as its curb appeal. If you are looking to add distinctive windows for your next home remodel project, you may want to consider researching Andersen Windows A-Series prices and features.


The A-Series windows from Andersen represent the company's architectural window line, which is its premier window assortment. These windows are specifically designed to match any type of architectural style and are both weather resistant and energy efficient.

The interior wood finish for the A-Series comes in pine, oak or maple finish selections. There are 10 exterior finishes to choose from, and coordinating hardware comes in 12 different color choices. You can also select from 11 exterior colors and trim options to complete the look that you want for your home. As you begin to weigh your different color options, remember that not all windows are available with each finish.

Andersen A-Series windows are available in the following window styles: Andersen A-Series

  • Casement windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Awning windows
  • Picture windows
  • Specialty windows

If you decide to replace your doors as well as your windows, there are two types of architectural doors that can complement this product line.

Casement windows

Before you decide to install windows in your home, you would want to consider some factors at first, like the windows cost of your project. A-Series windows do not have a set price list because they are custom-built windows, but you can expect that these windows will be more expensive than other Andersen window choices. To give you an idea of what the Andersen double-hung windows cost might be, a window from the company's 400 series averages approximately $513 when installed.

Since the A-Series is a custom line, you would want to hire a contractor to order and install the windows for you. A licensed contractor will be able to take the precise measurements that will be needed to place your window order. Your contractor can also give you detailed information about windows prices in your window estimate and can explain exactly how long your project will take.

When you decide to install windows in your home, you would want to think about cost and benefits. Andersen A-Series windows may be more expensive than other window options, but they provide a customized look that is both weather resistant and energy efficient. You can use the QualitySmith service to help you find the right windows and the right contractors as you begin to perform due diligence about Andersen Windows A-Series prices and features.

Photo credit: andersenwindows.com