One of the most underrated yet essential tasks in home improvement is installation of storm doors and windows.

Storm doors and windows are special doors and windows installed outside or inside your regular front door for increasing energy efficiency and added protection against harsh weather conditions and even outside intruders. If you want to have a clear picture of its benefits before adding it to your home, read the following:


Added Protection to your Main Entry Door/Windows

Proper installation of storm doors and windows reduces the possibility of damaging your doors and windows due to weather elements such as rain, snow, ice, moisture and such. This will in turn improve its lifespan, minimizing the need to always repair or even replace them.

Improved Energy Efficiency

An-overview-of-storm-doors-and-windows-2Storm doors and windows allow for better insulation and less air leakage in and out of your living spaces. This prevents dust and air from penetrating the cracks along the sides or around the top and bottom parts of your doors and windows because the storm doors and windows will block it.

Multi-Purpose Comfort

During summertime, storm doors and windows allow increased natural light and better airflow especially if there is no need to close your main entry door and windows.

Added Security

The locking mechanism on your storm doors and windows provide added protection from intruders or unwanted guests. You can safely peek behind your main entry door or window to screen anyone outside before letting them in your home.


Storm doors come in different types:

  1. Solid wood with aluminum external and a baked-on enamel finish – the wood core makes it more sturdy while the aluminum surface is almost maintenance-free
  2. Composite door – even if the door is scratched, the color remains and it is water resistant
    aluminum door with a full-frame glass panel – for those who wish to showcase their main door and want to have glazing options for aesthetic purposes
  3. Vinyl-clad door – doesn’t rust and almost scratch resistant plus less expensive than the other options

Storm windows also come in different types:

  1. An-overview-of-storm-doors-and-windows-3Exterior storm windows – mounted on the outside frame of the window and are exposed to different weather elements
  2. Interior storm windows – easiest to install and remove, beneficial for those living in a tiny apartment or for those wanting to preserve the outside style of a historic house.
  3. Low budget disposable – made from vinyl or plastic sheets and are best if used on a short term basis
  4. Glass or metal – sturdier than all the other storm window options, offers a higher degree of insulation, and better visibility (for glass)

Should I install one if I live in a mild climate?

If your home doesn’t experience a lot of drastic fluctuations in temperature, storm doors and windows might not seem that beneficial for you as compared to those who live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions.

What if I want to install one?

Choose one that has low-emissivity (low-E) glass for higher energy efficiency at home. For a storm door to function most effectively, purchase one that is hinged on the same side of your main entry door. As for your storm windows, make sure that the existing window and adjacent surfaces are dry. Fix broken parts and remove rotting wood or missing glass before installing the storm windows. Storm doors and windows is an easy project for avid DIYers but if you want assurance, you can hire a local manufacturer who offers installation services.