For durability, flexibility and reliability, GAF WeatherSide shingles offer an excellent option for homeowners.

If you want to improve the look of your home's exterior and protect it from the elements, or if your home is covered in asbestos siding that's in urgent need of repair or replacement, GAF has the ideal solution. GAF WeatherSide shingle siding prices are so reasonable, and the product performs so well over the long haul, it's a natural choice for many homeowners.


Replacing asbestos shingles?

asbestos shingleBecause of the dangers posed by asbestos, removing any old siding or siding shingles containing asbestos GAF weatherside siding can easily replace asbestos siding should only be carried out by a qualified siding contractor with the necessary specialized training. If shingles are being replaced as part of a general remodel of your home, you should also ensure that other contractors involved in plumbing, electrical and other work are also trained to deal with asbestos as it may be present in other areas.

Asbestos shingles are no longer manufactured for health reasons, but the great thing about GAF WeatherSide siding shingles is that they're made in the same size and shape as those old-style, asbestos shingles. It's one of the reasons why WeatherSide shingles are routinely ranked as the top choice for replacing asbestos-laden siding products. If you only require a few shingles to replace some that have been damaged, you can do so without having to worry about whether they'll match your existing siding, or whether you'll have to undertake a full-scale replacement.

New Siding?

fiber cementIf low siding prices and easy installation entice you to replace all of your shingles at once, you can choose between using shingles that match those already in place or from a range of new designs with straight or wavy edges and textures such as wood grain. GAF WeatherSide shingles are preprimed, so they can be painted to match the color of your house. Select GAF weatherside siding for your home

Manufactured from fiber cement, WeatherSide shingles are extremely durable. Once you install siding from GAF in your home it will be virtually maintenance free. The material is resistant to termite infiltration and will not expand or contract in hot or cold weather. Fiber-cement shingles don't warp, rot or dent either, so you can be sure your home will continue looking good for many years to come.

Price & Value

WeatherSide siding shinglesOne of the nice features about WeatherSide siding shingles is that they can be found at many Home Depot Stores. This will give you an opportunity to check out some of the style options and get a sense of what your material costs will be. Using the Home Depot online pricing guide shows that WeatherSide siding shingles can start at just $99 for a pack of 18 and rise to around $150 for a pack of 12, depending on the particular design you choose.

The price of the shingles themselves is only one factor in the overall siding costs equation you will need to consider. When comparing GAF WeatherSide shingle siding prices with other products bear, in mind that GAF shingles are backed by a 25-year limited warranty. Unlike other shingles, they don't require caulking at every joint and are specially designed to replace asbestos shingles. The durability of fiber cement construction also needs to be factored into any consideration of GAF's WeatherSide siding shingles as this product will outlast many less expensive products made of less durable material.

GAF WeatherSide shingle siding prices will vary according to the size of the boards you require and the final finish you choose. With easy installation guaranteed, replacing your old asbestos shingle siding or upgrading your home's current exterior finish has never been easier. Having the support and assistance of a qualified siding contractor can help you immensely in this process and QualitySmith can put you in contact with local siding professionals with experience in working with GAF and many other siding products.