Considering the options for insulating your garage remodel

Many homeowners are looking to add more living space to their houses, and building an addition may be too costly or time consuming for some. Another option that allows you to gain living space is a complete garage remodel. Insulation is one of the most important parts of turning your cold and drafty garage into a warm and inviting living space. Proper insulation is essential to create a living space that is both comfortable and energy efficient.

fiberglass insulation

The most common type of insulation used in residential renovations is fiberglass insulation. This type of insulation is readily available, cost effective and easy to install. Fiberglass insulation is sold in batts that are designed to fit between wall joists for easy installation. Larger sizes are suitable for placing across ceiling joists in an attic or crawl space. The familiar pink insulation is often thought of as itchy, but low-itch versions are now available so this common annoyance can be avoided.

Some things to think about when buying and installing fiberglass insulation include: Garage remodel insulation

  • Buying the right size. Do not buy overly thick insulation and compress it to fit the space;insulationthis will reduce the insulation values.
  • Buying the right length. Pre-cut insulation is available or you can choose to buy longer rolls of insulation and cut them yourself.
  • Fluffing the insulation before installation. Fiberglass insulation doesn't perform as well when compressed, so fluff it to its full thickness before cutting.

Another common type of insulation is blown-in insulation. Cellulose insulation is made primarily of treated recycled newspapers, and the material is blown into the space between the wall studs. This method is popular for insulating existing walls and may be the best choice for residential renovations that are utilizing existing walls.

Some things to think about when choosing cellulose insulation include:

  • Tricky installation. Homeowners often hire contractors to install blown-in insulation, but the task can also be accomplished by an experienced do-it-yourselfer. Tool rental shops often carry the blowers needed for installation.
  • Ability to be installed in existing walls. If you don't want to disturb existing walls, blown-in insulation may be the answer to your problems.
  • Sealing air leaks. The cellulose insulation will completely seal any air leaks around pipes and wires, making a vapor barrier unnecessary.

-cellulose insulationRigid foam is a third type of insulation that is often used in converted garages. If your garage has a concrete floor, you may find this type of insulation particularly useful. Rigid foam can be laid on the concrete floor with plywood on top of it, giving you a good surface to lay hardwoods or carpet in your new living space. This will prevent heat loss through the floor, as well as drafts. When planning your garage remodel, insulation can often be one of the most important steps. A warm and energy-efficient space can be a wonderful addition to your home. When you are planning any residential remodeling projects, visit QualitySmith for information and help along the way.