A quick review of the disadvantages of an indoor or outdoor spa.

If you have decided to install a home spa, you are in for a real treat. Spas or hot tubs are the epitome of relaxation and fun, and owning your own spa puts stress relief and therapeutic water treatments within your reach, year round. Many homeowners have difficulty deciding between indoor soaking tubs and Jacuzzis or outdoor spas. There are a number of disadvantages associated with both types of installations.

Indoor hot tubs offer the best in privacy. Although an enclosed or fenced-in backyard can also offer a high level of privacy for an outdoor tub. When a hot tub is indoors, you can use it year round without exposing yourself to cold air.

indoor spa

Nonetheless, indoor spas have some disadvantages:

  • Mildew and mold problems can crop up with an indoor installation. No matter how religiously a hot tub owner might clean up spills and puddles that tend to accumulate outside the hot tub, water tends to accumulate in the area where a spa is installed. This water will not simply go away on its own. There will be some instances where water stands, even when the room is properly ventilated. Water damage and standing water can lead to mold and mildew growth, which can be problematic in a number of ways.
  • Surfaces can become damaged from poor ventilation. Lack of appropriate spa ventilation can cause damage to interior walls and other structures.
  • You may need to alter your home or add another room onto it in order to use a spa inside.

There are some reasons why it makes a lot of sense to install spas or heated lap pools outside. With an outdoor installation, you don't have to alter your home to accommodate the tub.

An outdoor installation is usually less expensive than an indoor one, because you won't have any concerns with adding on a room to the home for the tub or in ventilating the room in which it is installed.

outdoor spa

There are also some drawbacks to consider when installing an outdoor spa:

  • Inclement weather may reduce the amount of time that you can spend using your tub.
  • You may not have the privacy that you need to fully enjoy the tub, especially if you don't have a fenced-in area for installation.
  • Dirt, falling leaves and other debris can all find their way into an outdoor spa, making it harder to maintain than an indoor model.

Regardless of where you choose to install a home spa, QualitySmith can help you find contractors in your area to assist you in getting it up and running in no time.

Both indoor and outdoor spas have their own unique benefits. With a bit of research and planning, you will be able to decide which is best for your needs.