Read on to learn about the multiple signs for when you should replace a composite roof.

Because the cost of replacing a roof can be an expensive proposition, most people prefer to put off the onerous chore as long as possible. However, it can be cheaper to replace a composite roof than to put it off due to the damage that can be caused by wind and inclement weather when your roof is already in bad shape.

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Many clear warning signs will point out problems with your roof, and learning to recognize them in time can save you much expense and worry.

One clear sign that it's time to install new composite roofing can be seen from the ground. If you observe small, discolored spots on your ceiling or chalking or flaking on your drywall, it's simple to see that your roof isn't doing its job properly.

Sagging ceiling materials can be a clear indicator of a problem as well as wet or darkened wood in the attic. Look for rusted nails that might poke through the roof sheathing, indicating your roof isn't in good shape.

You can also climb onto your composite roof and survey for signs that you might need to replace it. Loose granules on shingles will begin to appear as the roof's life comes to an end, and they're easy to spot. If you see exposed areas where shingles are missing, this is definitely a clear indicator that you'll need to replace your roof quickly.

If you don't want to climb that high or your roof is too steep to navigate, you can check your gutters for evidence of loose granules or even spray your roof with a water hose to see how much granulation comes through your gutters.

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Dips and bumps on the roof show that moisture has accumulated beneath the shingles, and the composite roofing is failing. Curling under front shingles is a clue of failure as is blistering along the edges and exposed fasteners. Check flashing and vents for damage, as fixing these problems cost the most. Review the area where the lower roof meets an upper story for cracks, misalignment and rust.

If any of those problems are present, you should contact a contractor immediately.

While it's disheartening to know that a composite roof repair or replacement is in order, getting ahead of the problem can save you time and money in the long run. QualitySmith can help you find local contractors who'll provide an estimate and give you an idea of the prices you should expect for every aspect of your roof replacement. If you tackle the problem when it's small, you can replace a composite roof before there's additional damage to your home.