A guide to purchasing your roofing supplies at Sears and Sears roofing prices.

Sears roofing prices cover a wide range. You can find your new look at Sears. Sears is a mid-level department store that sells clothing, furniture and other items. The company also handles some home improvement projects, including roofing jobs. Sears roofing prices are competitive with similar products of other companies, and you can request a free quote from the company and get an estimate as to the final cost that you pay.

Sears Roofing Prices

Sears can do a variety of roofing jobs, and the company even claims that it can handle any type of roof. The company uses shingles sold under the Duration brand, and the roofing cost that you incur often depends on the type of shingles. The sleek coverage shingles are a little less expensive than the classic profile shingles. Sears is capable of working with tile shingles and slate shingles, and it can add shingles to the walls and exterior of your house to connect the building and roof.

Unlike some companies that may offer you a roofing estimate over the phone, Sears actually sends someone to your home. The representative brings along a sample book, which contains the different shingle types and the available colors. You can compare the shingles to the existing paint color on your home and ask any questions that you may have before agreeing to the residential roofing job. This contractor will also give you an estimate of the roofing cost, and you can even get that estimate in writing. One of the biggest advantages to working with Sears is that you receive a roofing warranty that covers damage to your roof.

roofingSears roofing prices are competitive. Sears roof prices depend on several factors, including the material that you choose and the size of your roof. Slate and tile shingles are typically more expensive than asphalt shingles, and Sears will charge you a roofing cost based on the number of shingles needed, and you usually pay $20 for each bundle of shingles. Sears charges an average price of around $3,000 for a 2,000 square foot roof, and the price can double that amount if you choose slate shingles. Sears does not remove the old shingles from your home, and you'll need to pay an extra by having someone remove them for you. Roofing prices can also rise if you opt to replace your gutters. Replacing your gutters can cut down on costly future roof repair jobs, but you'll pay around $2,000 extra for that job.

Sears is more than just a store where you can buy new clothing and furniture. You can also contact Sears to replace your existing roof or to repair problems you have with the roof. Technicians from Sears can handle missing shingles, leaking roofs and dozens of other jobs. Use QualitySmith to learn what other services are offered by Sears and what you need to do to get a repairman to your house today. Getting Sears roofing prices will help you decide whether you want to use this company for your roofing project or work with another company.