Analyzing the differences between eco-friendly and large format asphalt roofing shingles

With so many homeowners interested in going green, it's not surprising that manufacturers now make green, eco-friendly asphalt shingles. Designed from recycled materials, these shingles are often more expensive than other varieties, including large format asphalt shingles. While you might find yourself leaning towards the green option, you need to consider all factors before making your choice.


While green shingles often contain recycled materials, this can refer to a number of different things. Recycled composite shingles feature rubber from tires and plastics from a variety of different sources. The manufacturer molds and shapes the melted rubber and plastic mixture, making it look like shingles made from wood, asphalt, or slate. The downside is that some cities do not allow these shingles because they do not meet building codes. As the shingles are still fairly new, no one knows how well the materials will hold up to long-term use.

Organic asphalt shingles

Eco-friendly shingles are typically more expensive, which can increase your roofing cost. A roofing estimate from a trained professional might cost double when you add recycled shingles because the installer must make a special purchase from the manufacturer. This isn't necessarily true of fiber cement shingles, as some installers make these shingles themselves. The shingles contain a paper pulp made from recycled paper and cement, which give the shingles the look of tile.

Another type of green roof is something called a cool roof. When you install roofing of this type, you typically add a reflective surface to the roof. This reflects the sun's rays, which can lower your heating and cooling costs. Some homeowners use a combination of plants and greenery on top of the roofing tiles. The plants absorb liquid from the rain, and some cities even offer an income tax credit for those choosing this option.

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Large format tiles can reduce the overall cost of installing a new roof because these larger tiles cover more space than ordinary asphalt shingles. Made from asphalt and a thin base of fiberglass or paper, the shingles can last for 30 years or longer. Many of these shingles feature a hexagonal or rectangular shape. The design allows each shingle to butt up against the next, providing a smoother look than other types of shingles. You might feel more confident adding these shingles because the manufacturers often offer a warranty of 30 years or more.

While green shingles are gaining in popularity, some homeowners are hesitant to choose this option because no one knows how long the shingles will last. Let QualitySmith be your guide when learning more about green shingles and other simpler ways you can go green at home. You can even get help comparing green, eco-friendly asphalt shingles to large format asphalt shingles when choosing new roofing shingles.