Getting the kitchen you've always dreamed of doesn't have to be a nightmare. Consult this guide before getting started.

It has become quite common to hear horror stories about remodeling one’s kitchen— delayed work by the contractor, months of waiting to have a functional kitchen, and the days or sometimes weeks of clean up. It doesn’t have to end up this way when you plan your kitchen remodel ahead. With the help of a hard working contractor and this handy guide the route to having a fresh new kitchen can be simple and easy!


Before entrusting this job to a contractor, understanding crucial elements that have a major impact on the work is necessary. The following are the most important things to consider before beginning the process of remodeling:

1. Manage expectations

expectationsIt is quite common to expect the project to run smoothly and correctly. However, there is a possibility that problems arise from time to time. Do not set a particular time limit for completion of the project. Handling a few days of delay is essential. Remember that the remodeled kitchen will run for many years to come. Try to expect least for the project completion. The only consideration is the way the contractor reacts, handles, and manages the work to get it back on the track.

2. No more working kitchen

no-working-kitchenRemodeling the kitchen requires a complete overhaul of the place. Therefore, do not expect to use it during the renovation process. It is crucial to arrange for a temporary place in the house to cook. The completion time depends on the work carried out and the changes required. You will probably miss using the sink and the tap for at least two days. The work begins from day one and as soon as the old cabinets are taken out. Depending on the countertop selected and other requirements, a working kitchen becomes ready in at least 2-4 weeks of time.

3. Planning for the appliances

plan-for-appliancesDo not forget about the appliances that you would be using in the new kitchen. Make sure to plan for the requirement before calling in the contractor. You will ensure that you have necessary space and power points at the needed positions. Giving complete specifications to the contractor is important. It will allow the contractor to make the necessary changes to cabinets. The appliances include oven, refrigerator, and cook tops.

4. Payment

PaymentMake no commitment towards the payment. Some contractors charge at the end of the project and some charge based on the phases completed as part of the entire project. However, every contractor does seek a specific amount as down payment. It is normal since they need it to place the orders for required products. Additionally, if you wish to back out from the project, the down payment acts as financial security for the contractor. It is significant to find a contractor that you can trust. It will be difficult to proceed with the remodeling of the kitchen unless you trust the contractor and his work.

5. Say no to discounted services

discounted-servicesDo not engage in discounts. Several companies offer deals and discounts on remodeling. If the discount offered is high, it means that the service provided by the company is already high to begin. A reliable company or contractor does not use high-pressure tactics to sign the project. The work, service, affordability, and references speak for themselves.

It is important to check the credibility of the contractor before assigning the work. Speak to the references and if possible, pay a visit to check on the accomplished work.