A comparison of leading home security monitoring systems: Time Warner vs Monitronics

åÊThe right home security system gives you confidence and peace of mind. Both Time Warner and Monitronics offer alarm options that get positive home security system reviews. As you consider easy-to-install home security alarm systems and compare Time Warner home security prices with Monitronics home security prices, consider your unique safety needs. Time Warner systems are best for customers with an existing Time Warner Cable service, while Monitronics is open to consumers around the United States.


Time Warner home security

When choosing between Time Warner and Monitronics security systems, the first thing to consider is Internet service. In order to install Time Warner's IntelligentHome security, you must have the company's Internet service in your home, as the system uses Wi-Fi to operate. The service is not available in all Time Warner home security parts of the United States. If you are a Time Warner customer, you can upgrade easily.

Time Warner's IntelligentHome security benefits:

  • Round-the-clock system monitoring
  • Light and temperature settings
  • Remote access
  • Video surveillance of indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Easy-install home security alarm

One of the most important aspects of Time Warner's IntelligentHome security is the easy setup. Once you order, the company sends an installation professional to complete the setup. The entire process is done wirelessly, so you can protect your home without running new wires. After the system is in place, you can log in to your personal security dashboard to update settings and view video feeds.

Available Time Warner extras:

  • Alarm panel for in-home security management
  • Environmental hazard detectors
  • Window, door and glass wall sensors
  • Remote temperature controls
  • Wireless surveillance cameras

Security system alarm

Monitronics home security

With Monitronics home security systems, you don't need to worry about accidentally tripping the alarm. The company offers smart systems that are designed to reduce the chance of false activation, so you can feel safe without remembering long access codes or complicated keypad sequences. Plus, when an alarm is triggered, you can receive live voice assistance from a security professional from any spot in your home.

Monitronics security features: Monitronics home security

  • Connection to the Monitronics Central Monitoring Station
  • Voice verification from anywhere in your home
  • Interactive audio system
  • Phone activation options

Monitronics is dedicated to serving its customers and offers a variety of benefits designed to make your life easier. Whereas many security companies require specific contracts and moving fees, Monitronics makes it easy to take your system with you.

Benefits of a Monitronics system:

  • Guarantee of lifetime service
  • No fees for installation and system activation
  • Discounted upgrades
  • Free alarm system and installation when you move

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Both Time Warner and Monitronics offer high-end security options that help ensure personal security. If you're interested in the convenience of a wireless system, Time Warner is a good choice. For people who want two-way voice capabilities, Monitronics can't be beaten. As you compare Time Warner home security prices with Monitronics home security prices, consider the option that best fits your lifestyle and existing services. With QualitySmith, you can find home security system reviews and get essential information about easy-install home security alarm options.