Offering a short summary of the home automation services available through Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable's home automation system is called IntelligentHome. As you consider this service, the most important determining factor is your location, because Time Warner Cable does not offer service in all areas. The second factor to consider is your Internet service. Before you can subscribe to the company's home automation services, you must first subscribe to its Internet service as IntelligentHome operates with a wireless Internet signal.

Time warner cable's intelligenthome home automation systems

lighting controls

IntelligentHome features include:

  • Alarm and home security
  • Round-the-clock monitoring by trained professionals
  • Cellular and battery backups
  • Remote home management applications
  • Remote lighting controls
  • Remote thermostat controls
  • Live-video monitoring
  • Fire protection

For many consumers, home automation is an important part of home security. With IntelligentHome, security is built in. The system comes with a variety of features designed to protect your home and your family. Plus, it's completely customizable, so you can tailor it to Intelligenthome video monitoring systems fit your individual lifestyle.

IntelligentHome security features include:

  • Panic button for in-home emergencies
  • Compatibility with any existing security systems
  • Access to Time Warner Cable's Emergency Response Center
  • Text and email notifications when an alarm is triggered
  • Wireless home security alarm


Time Warner Cable sells a variety of products designed to supplement its basic system, including:

  • Keypads for easy arming and disarming
  • Touchscreen operating system for in-home use
  • Keychain for quick activation or deactivation
  • Detectors for smoke, carbon monoxide and flooding
  • Glass-break sensors
  • Window and door boundary sensors
  • Lighting and appliance adaptors for energy management
  • Cameras for indoor or outdoor surveillance

Costs for these services, installation and equipment will vary from region to region.

With Time Warner Cable home automation, you can enjoy complete control from home or your Internet-enabled device. QualitySmith can assist you by connecting you with local home security and automation professionals, today.