Competing for guests on AirBnB can be tough, particularly if you're in a major city. Here are some surefire tips to get your profile noticed.

But what separates what AirBnB calls ‘superhosts’ from mere mortals? Here are 7 tips to create a great AirBnB profile to make you a top-performing host in your community.


1. Quick Response

Nothing is more frustrating for a potential guest than to get a week-old response, or worse, none at all, from the host. If you’re serious about putting up your home on AirBnB – and since you’ve already put in a considerable investment and a lot of effort to make it presentable – you should be willing to give prompt replies to any inquiry.

Replies within an hour or so increases your chances of getting on top of the listing, and being chosen by prospective clients.

2. Build great reviews

Take time to make your accommodations as clean, comfortable, and attractive as possible for your temporary tenants. Do this and you can earn great reviews – which you can compile and put up on your profile. This will, in turn, have more guests inquiring on your home because you have proof that you’ve been a terrific host in the past.

3. Highlight your community

This is something that is out of your control because sometimes guests are partial to certain areas or popular locations, depending on their needs and expectations.

Then again, there’s no harm in trying to showcase the good things around your community. Show them great photos of the local attractions and give them good descriptions of fun things to do around the neighborhood so they would be enticed to choose your place over other competition.

4. Ask for a recommendation from previous guests

You can do this by requesting your previous guests to ‘like’ your listing and add your place to their Wish List.

This can boost your ranking on AirBnB and will have potential clients see that you have earned the trust and approval of former lodgers.
Offer a competitive price.

You are not a five-star hotel so don’t charge like one. But give yourself some benefit of doubt by not putting up a very cheap listing, too. Check the local competition to get a sense of the price range, make a reasonable offer, and you’ll be surprised how many people would want to book for your place.

5. Update your calendar

A successful listing also depends on have an updated calendar. This gives off a sense of busyness and seriousness – so AirBnB and prospective clients – would know that you really mean business. A simple daily visit to your calendar page – even for just a few minutes – will help improve your ranking.

6. Get verified

If you are a new host, get your ID verified and add all basic information about you – most especially your contact details. Connect your listing to your social media accounts because this is just one way to let AirBnB and potential boarders know that you are a trustworthy person.

If you don’t have any reviews yet, you can ask friends and colleagues to give you recommendation as a host. It will make your new profile more attractive to your first potential guests and you can use this to boost your ranking and eventually make a successful AirBnB endeavor.

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