Cold basements get a bad rap simply because they usually aren't given the attention they deserve. Here are 10 ways to make better use of your basement.

Don’t fall into the trap of having your basement as a dusty, dark and cluttered part of your home which seems to be of no use at all.


With a little creativity and organization, you can transform a practically useless basement into a functional one that you can be proud of. Take a look at the list below.

1. Supremely Organized Storage Area

storageBasements practically beg to be your ultimate storage room. The key to being the best storage spot without sacrificing style is to kick off with a clean slate so you can have a better look at how to segregate different spaces and maximize its storage capabilities.

Install sturdy shelving and cubbies for safety. Clear storage bins are recommended so you can easily see valuables. Don’t forget to include ceilings and walls as well as the space beneath the stairs when planning to take advantage of every storage options.

2. A Cheerful, Better Laundry Room

Take some of the drudgery out of doing the wash by remodeling your basement as a bright and tidy corner where you store your energy-wise machines. Just because you have to deal with dirty clothes on a regular basis, your laundry room shouldn’t have to as bleak and filthy too.

Washers and dryers, by nature, are notoriously noisy contraptions which makes laundry day a dreaded but necessary household chore. But creating a cheerful, better organized, and more efficient laundry room can make this dull task easier to deal with.

3. Charming Guest Room

guest-roomTuck in your overnight guests in comfort by converting your basement into an additional bedroom. Invest in luxurious pieces for beddings, lighting and paint color to elevate the room ambience from lower level to upper end.

Configure your layout wisely and create an emergency escape route before beginning construction. Make sure it is properly insulated to minimize chills and noise.

4. Ultimate Man Cave of Delight

Using the basement as a space where men can have some quality time with friends or alone time to obsess on their own hobbies, the idea of a man cave quickly comes to mind.

While some man caves are devoted to entertaining small groups of close friends, others are especially designed to a collection of favorite things or nostalgic equipment. Either way, converting the basement into a man cave gives men the freedom of expression without upsetting the upstairs décor or normal day-to-day activities.

5. Welcoming Theater Room

Bring the whole family, plus a few friends or even a neighbor or two to enjoy the latest movie release, in high-definition, with full surround sound.

But before getting stacks of hot pizzas on the bar behind you or popcorn in hand with drinks by their side, make sure you deal with the damp to avoid ruining your home entertainment system. There’s also ductwork and soundproofing to consider, among other things.

6. A Pub in the Basement

barNo need to hang out to a crowded pub because you can turn your basement into one – complete with your own pool table, bar and all the basic stuff you’d find in a pub. You don’t have to put up with overpriced beers plus you don’t have to drive back home afterwards!

7. Serene Basement Office

Can’t concentrate with all the noise and clutter in the main rooms around the house? Convert your basement into your very own office so you can let all the creative juices flow unhindered and reach productivity levels that will make you feel better after a hard day’s work.

8. Book Lovers’ Lane

Indulge in your love for novels and sci-fi thrillers by turning your basement into a reading nook. Keep all your beloved collection in a spotless arrangement and read to your heart’s delight without any interruption.

9. Posh Wine Cellar

Don’t just settle for keeping your wine bottles stacked on the counter. Be captivated by the wonderful view of perfectly arranged wine bottles. Using your basement as a wine cellar with traditional design will make any authentic wine enthusiast swoon.

10. Storm Shelter

If you live in an area frequented by violent storms, using the basement as storm shelter is a very good idea because it will spare you the risk of rushing to an outdoor shelter in the face of an approaching tempest.

Providing a secure location right in your very own home during severe weather is important for your family's safety and peace of mind. Just make sure you have set together disaster kit essentials as well as first aid supplies all complete and ready so you won’t be caught off guard when disasters hit.

Many of the items mentioned can be found in the "Man Cave" collections. Here's a nice guide for some of these items.