Sunny Arizona is an excellent state to consider adding a solar energy system to your home.

Arizona homeowners who are interested in going green and saving money on the cost of their utilities will find there are numerous benefits associated with Arizona solar energy. If you're planning to have a solar energy system installed in your Arizona home, it's important to understand what's involved.


Among the biggest concerns many Arizona homeowners have when considering the installation of a solar tap arizona's sun and install a home solar energy system energy system are the costs. One way in which Arizona homeowners can help to offset the cost of a solar energy system is with the federal renewable energy tax credit. This federal tax credit can be as high as 30 percent of the investment in a solar energy system as part of a federal renewalble energy tax credit.

In addition to these federal incentives, Arizona has a number of statewide programs to help offset the cost of a solar energy system. Across the state, a number of different utility-sponsored programs offer rebate programs for residents and businesses interested in purchasing solar energy systems. In general, these programs take the form of a per watt rebate for photovoltaic (PV) systems. A solar hot water system, in contrast, usually receives a payment for each kilowatt hour (kWh) it's expected to save over the course of its first year of service. While the programs application and technical requirements vary a bit, ballpark figures are in the range of $2-3/Watt of DC power (PV) and $0.50 to $0.75 for each kWh saved by a solar water heater system.

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When researching Arizona solar energy costs, it's also important to understand how much it will cost to have a solar energy system installed in your home. The State of Arizona estimates that the average cost of a residential solar energy system will range from between $15,000 and $25,000 after incentives and rebates.

The actual cost of your Arizona solar energy system will vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of your home
  • The availability of incentives and rebates (manyof these will depend on your electriucal utility and pwer service provider)
  • The type of solar energy system you've installed
  • The amount of solar power you need

There are three primary types of solar power systems:

  • PV systems with battery backup banls
  • PV systems wihout battery backup banks
  • Stand-alone solar ebergy systems

(Solar energy systems that utilize battery banks are typically more expensive than systems that don't require the use of battery banks.)

If you're not able to afford the upfront cost of an Arizona solar energy system, you may wish to consider asolar energy systems for arizona homeowners financing option. One option for making the installation of a solar energy system more affordable is to borrow against your home's equity. Another option is to lease a solar system over a specified period of time. You may also wish to consider a power purchase agreement. Through this option, the solar provider will install the system in your home and then sell the energy produced by the system back to you over a set period of time. The benefit to this option is that you'll be able to purchase electricity at a fixed price without worrying about your energy costs rising in the future.


In addition to some of the incentives and rebates available for installing and using a solar energy sytem for your Arizona home, remember this: Arizona also operates under a net metering policy. This makes it possible for homeowners to pay for the amount of power they use and then bank additional energy while receiving a credit for their energy use at retail price that can be used at a later time. So in cases where the efficiency of yoru solar energy system actualy creatyes more energy than it uses, you will be eligible for credits toward future electricty use and if your solar energy ystem maintains its level of efficiency and performance, you may actually be paid by your utility for its functionality.

Install a solar energy system in your Arizona home is an excellent way to tap one of the state's abundant resources while you lower your energy use, utility bills and impact on the environment. You will want the guidance of a skilled professional and QualitySmith can help by connecting you to local solar energy and electricity experts eager to assist you.