We know that from the beginning of time landscaping and its upkeep has been the bane of all homeowners’ existence.


It literally makes or breaks a home’s appearance, hence the wide-known term “curb appeal”. It’s pretty likely that unless you bought your home as a fixer upper, curb appeal is what partially sold you on that particular home. It’s possible that that last statement isn’t true for you, but we’d bet that you had a vision for your home’s landscape when you bought it. So when we think landscaping, we usually think about grass and flowers, maybe a couple trees, etc. It’s easy to forget that every home also has a driveway that contributes to the overall visual aesthetic of the property. We wanted to share a couple ideas for that driveway of yours that we hope you’ll love.


Asphalt drivewayAsphalt is the least expensive of the three options we have for you, coming in between $2 and $5 a foot for installation. It handles temperature fluctuations like a champ, making it a good option for geographic areas that get occasional snowfall. Its ability to flex and shrink with the temperature assists in its capacity to combat cracking. Any cracks it does sustain can be easily repaired with asphalt filler and resealed, although on a little more frequent basis than with concrete. Asphalt driveways can generally last 20 years or more with regular upkeep.


Concrete driveway

Concrete is a step up from asphalt on the cost ladder, but some installer professionals swear that the zero-low maintenance is well worth the price differential. Wavering temps could have an adverse effect on this material though, causing cracks that require expensive repairs. Some professionals who deal with concrete say that it cannot be repaired, rather it should be replaced if damaged. Concrete kept in pristine condition could last up to 30 years with minimal upkeep necessary. That sounds like a deal to us! Pour the concrete and by the time your kids take over the home it's their turn to deal with any repairs. Winner winner chicken dinner.


Pavers can come in a multitude of materials--brick, cement and stone are all options. The design choices are bountiful with pavers. This type of driveway installation is typically the most expensive option due to its detailed nature. A sand base goes down first, with the pavers themselves being laid down next--each by hand. No wonder they cost a pretty penny. The exciting thing about pavers is that if they ever get damaged it’s an easy repair. You are looking at just the cost of a brand new paver (like literally one) plus installation. For the juicy part: this driveway style will make your neighbors want to water their grass for an extra ten minutes as a decoy for marveling at how gorgeous your driveway is. You will inherit all the friends on your block. Neighbors will bring cookies and lemonade. Life will be grand. Go for the pavers.Driveway Pavers

Just kidding back there. Go for whatever tickles your fancy, and remember to keep in mind a few factors. Budget is always an important one. Don’t go for the champagne taste with the beer budget, unlesssss you happen to have just done a few exterior renovations already and are are looking to put your home on the market. Pavers could pay off great dividends in that case. Otherwise, go for your own tastes while keeping your budget, upkeep and longevity in mind. Have you been thinking about giving your driveway some life? What type of material are you thinking about using? Let us know in the comment section below!