A guide to adding onto your house using a prefabricated or modular room.

There are times when a homeowner simply needs a bit more space to spread out. When the time comes for making additions, modular and prefabricated options can save both time and money over a traditional build-out project. With a modular room, the homeowner can add a room that meets or exceeds the build quality of the rest of the house. This pre-fabricated addition can also be put up quickly, reducing the time and labor needed to complete the remodeling job.

modular room additions

The first step in adding a modular room or prefabricated unit to a home is to determine whether the location of the addition is feasible. There are a few limitations to consider when choosing the spot for the addition. These limitations can include legal restrictions against the addition, such as deed restrictions, zoning regulations and right-of-way restrictions, all of which must be cleared before building can proceed. Homeowners will also often need to have a building inspector inspect the home to determine if an addition is safe.

Once the restrictions are taken care of, there's pricing to consider. The price of modular room additions depend largely on the type and size of the room being added. The cost to add a kitchen or bathroom, for example, is more than that of adding a bedroom due to the need to extend plumbing into the new room. Cost may also vary by the style of the room being added as well as the manufacturer of the addition.

There are standard plans available for a variety of pre-fabricated or modular room additions, but most homeowners prefer to go the custom route. With a custom room design, the homeowner can choose everything from the size and shape of the room to the types of windows and doors used. The customer can also choose an exterior that matches the current home perfectly, to ensure the addition blends in completely with the original structure.

modular additions

The same manufacturers who offer complete plans often offer custom designs made to the homeowner's specifications. These designs can then be implemented, with the room presented to the customer ready for construction.

Adding a new modular room will require a general contractor who can deal with any surprises that may pop up during the building process. Homeowners can find local general contractors using QualitySmith online . Once the list of available contractors has been narrowed down to a final few, an estimate can be sought for the work and a final contractor hired to complete the job. The construction can even take place while the homeowner remains in residence.

When it's time to expand your home with additions, modular and prefabricated options of all sorts are available to provide precisely what you want. Everything from a dream kitchen to an indoor spa can be quickly and easily built, raising the value of the home by increasing both its size and its overall usefulness.