Replacing your windows is a great opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of your home.

With endless varieties of specialty windows to choose from, you may choose from any unusual shapes and sizes or to a beautiful, traditional half circle arch to create a distinct look.

As unique and alluring specialty windows can make your home, there are some things to consider before selecting new windows to suit you. Specialty windows come in an array of different window shapes and styles. Depending on the specialty windows manufacturer you choose, some popular window shapes to choose from include:

    • Round/Oval windows
    • Half Circle/Circle top windows
    • Triangle windows
    • Octagon windows
    • Peak windows

Many window shapes go by alternate names, depending on different brands and specialties. For example, Andersen Windows and Doors refers to arch windows as curved top windows. Other window manufacturers such as Pella and Marvin offer specialty windows in many of these shapes and styles displayed above.

Once you have decided on your new windows, you can further customize the look of your home inside & out simply by choosing different trims and finishes. Traditional white or wood finish isn't exactly everyone's taste now a days, so have fun selecting new colors and styles to complement the character and uniqueness of you and your own home!


Some specialty windows are available for purchase off of the shelves of your local home improvement store or from online resources such as Home Depot. You can find some specialty windows here including octagon windows, round top windows and elongated windows. You can use them to create a special look when replacing or renovating any window in your home.

Glass block windows and patterned windows can be purchased and installed without having to place a special order. Prices for these windows range from as little as $49 to $1,000.

However, before installing new windows in your home, consider the costs for these special shapes and sizes. Even if the initial price is within your budget, keep in mind the cost of replacement windows if anything should go wrong.

The typical cost to replace a specialty window from a company such as Andersen can be anywhere from $500 to $2,500 per window. These windows prices do not include the cost of hiring a contractor to perform the installation. Your contractor may be able to break down the possible replacement cost in your windows estimate so you can have some idea how much repairs or replacement might cost down the road.


Choosing new windows and finishes can spruce up a boring home, increase curb appeal and be a lot of fun. Especially if you are considering any type of specialty windows for your home. The unique shapes and designs will make your home stand out, giving it a stylish and its own distinctive look. When you are ready to install specialty windows in your home, use QualitySmith to find a qualified contractor to complete your home improvement project for the best prices with ease.