Monitronics offers business security systems tailored for small and large, multi-site businesses. Discover if Monitronics is right for your business needs.

When planning to install a security system, you must compare each one's features and read business security reviews before committing to a monthly monitoring service. Here are the details on Monitronics' business security system.

Monitronics security systems

Monitronics has been providing residential and business security monitoring since 1994. The company services more than 800,000 customers and has a network of authorized dealers throughout the United States, making Monitronics business security services popular among business establishments.

Monitronics  business security systems

One of the major advantages of choosing Monitronics is that the company offers single-site monitoring services for small businesses and multi-site monitoring services for companies with multiple locations.

Monitronics makes it possible for franchise businesses, health care systems, restaurant chains and other multi-site businesses to coordinate their security efforts without having to pay several companies for security monitoring services.

The security company has a national accounts division with trained representatives ready to assist customers in building their own systems from the ground up. The ability to customize a system is especially helpful for large businesses with hundreds of employees to track and protect.

Customers can choose to install the business security system components that are right for their businesses instead of installing unnecessary components just because they come with a standard package.

These are just some of the features included in the business security packages offered by Monitronics:

  • Two-way communication.
  • Intrusion alarms.
  • Fire monitoring and alarms.

Another fantastic advantage of working with Monitronics for business security is that the company assigns each customer a dedicated representative. Instead of having to explain your account history to a different agent every time you call, you will talk to someone who understands your needs and knows your account history. Having your own rep makes it easier to resolve billing questions or request technical assistance with your security system.

call center

Monitronics reports that more than 80 percent of the systems it installs are wireless. A wireless system has several advantages for business owners.

One advantage is that it eliminates the need to drill through walls and alter the electrical wiring of a commercial building. Thus wireless systems are more affordable than hardwired systems.

It is also easier to repair wireless systems, as a technician can easily replace wireless components.

All business customers can access their MyMonitronics account management tool. This tool allows customers to download a system user manual, add or delete emergency contact information, update billing information, change system passwords, pay their bills and conduct alarm system tests.

Customers can also use the MyMonitronics tool to print out an insurance discount certificate.

One of the major disadvantages of Monitronics business security is that the company does not offer the wide variety of packages like Guardian Alarm, ADT and Protection 1 provide.

Customers may not be able to get all of the components they need at a price that fits their budgets. Monitronics does not publish its business security alarm prices, so it is also difficult to compare the company's security packages with those of other companies.

Whether you choose a Monitronics business security system or one from another company, it is important to hire a contractor who has experience in installing this system.

QualitySmith can help you locate a reliable contractor in your neighborhood. Remember that hiring an experienced contractor cannot only make it easier to install business security system components, but also answer specific questions regarding pricing and similar.