Offering an overview and comparison of the home security monitoring systems available through Honeywell Security Group and Vivinty

Monitored home security systems are usually more effective than unmonitored versions, offering greater protection. Comparing the home security monitoring options offered by Honeywell Security Group and Vivint will put you in a better position to select the right system for you and your family.

Honeywell overview

Honeywell is a popular nationwide brand known for providing a range of consumer and commercial products, including aerospace and engineering services. The company uses its advanced technological capabilities to develop cutting-edge security systems for corporate and residential use. Systems can be created based on your individual requirements, but each one comes with round-the-clock monitoring to ensure a rapid response time.


Honeywell home security monitoring systems

Honeywell monitoring offered through its Total Connect services include:

  • Cellular signal and cell phone connections
  • Landline connections for remote or rural areas
  • Broadband Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) connections for Internet-based communication

You can customize your system with additional equipment including:

  • Indoor and outdoor boundary sensors
  • Entry point sensors
  • Flood detection
  • Temperature sensors to detect furnace failures
  • Video cameras for indoor and outdoor use
  • Security lighting

Honeywell does not offer separate, professionally staffed monitoring services. Honeywell systems are compatible with many home security providers who do offer separate monitoring and response teams.

For a full explanation of the products and services available from Honeywell Security Group, click here ( ).

Vivint overview

If you are concerned about personal service and rapid response, a Vivint monitored system might be the best option. The company's monitoring system routinely wins industry awards and rave reviews for response time. Its emphasis is on self-vivint home security monitoring systems monitoring and automation products and services, including:

  • Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Web login for remote management
  • Smoke alarms for fire monitoringmotion detectors
  • Carbon monoxide alarms

In addition to monitored security systems, Vivint offers a full array of home automation services:

  • Full home automation
  • Energy management
  • Home security with easy-install home security alarm

If you’re considering a home security and monitoring system featuring either Honeywell or Vivint products and services, QualitySmith can put you in contact with local home security professionals who can help.